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Use Investigation

Our services to determine the status of registered or unregistered trade marks – from single marks to global clearance projects we offer a flexible and reliable fixed-price service.

Common Law Searches

Searches to identify unregistered trade mark use and potential prior-rights in the market. A useful tool when considering filing a registration or when opposing the validity of existing registered trade marks.

IP Acquisition

Our discreet and anonymous IP acquisition service to secure trade marks, domain names or other Intellectual Property assets. Our facilities can also be used as vehicles for IP applications, or to oppose marks on the grounds of non-use.

Trade Mark Infringement & Counterfeiting

Our services relating to trade mark infringement and passing off for both registered or un-registered trademarks, including routine trap purchases (online and over the counter), mapping the supply chain and identifying the source.

Evidence of Trade Mark Use

For those occasions when you need help to prove your own trade mark use to help defend against opposition, revocation or infringement claims.

Unregistered Prior Rights

Rather like our use investigations, our services to determine the status of an unregistered mark, its history, whether it is in use or of importance to the user, and whether they are in a position to claim any rights in their use.

Company and Business Name Profiling

For either existing or newly formed companies, we will profile the business to determine the nature of their activities, the reasoning behind the choice of name as well as their future intentions and aspirations.

Facilities for Third Party Filing

We offer the facilities to file trade marks or domain names under the name of one of our registered UK companies to avoid the scrutiny of your competitors or hijackers. Marks or domains are held in safety until onward assignment.

Patent Investigations

Services in this area include securing evidence of infringement and obtaining prior art evidence from non-standard sources.