About eccora: IP Investigation, Research & Acquisition Services

eccora was started in 2009. We provide IP investigation, research and acquisition services to IP owners and their professional advisors internationally. Our IP investigation reports allow for clear and informed decisions to be made when looking to establish, develop, secure and protect trade mark and IP portfolios.

Our expertise is rooted in specialist IP investigation experience worldwide and we conduct investigations in all areas of IP – trade marks, patents, copyright and design. We work using our own team or through our network of international associates. eccora works fast and flexibly, discreetly and ethically on your behalf to gather the information that you need.

We at eccora offer a wide range of bespoke IP investigation services. Our IP investigations start with a thorough analysis of research resources beyond standard Internet searches – news media, social networking sites, B2B resources and advertising databases. This is supplemented by research from a comprehensive range of industry specific resources such as retailers, product databases and publications. Eccora’s true strengths lie in discreetly obtaining information regarding the activities or intended activities of the target without raising suspicion. We are skilled investigators with the ability to uncover information that allows clients to make informed decisions on how best to proceed.

We analyse all the information obtained from our research and the approaches and this is used to compile a comprehensive report with a clear conclusion allowing for informed decisions to be made. Our reports are compiled electronically together with all supporting information.

Whatever strategy you choose, you can be sure that our all the angles will be covered by our expert team. Take your business forward based on the best IP investigation reports.

Add eccora to your IP strategy – find out how we can help and get in touch to talk through your needs.

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