Trade mark infringement & counterfeiting

Trade mark infringement & counterfeiting

eccora has unequalled experience in trade mark infringement & counterfeiting. We provide a range of services to assist clients whose products or services are being, or are at risk from counterfeiting, piracy, infringement, passing-off or parallel trading. Our in-house and local network of investigators are experts in their fields, which has helped us pioneer new brand protection services, from routine trap purchases through to coordinating large-scale multi-jurisdictional anti-counterfeiting enforcement programmes.

Trade Mark Infringement

Brand abuse through trade mark infringement and passing off can be extremely damaging to an organisation’s business. The reputation and goodwill of trademarks associated with the goods and services offered by a company often tempt others to infringe for commercial gains. Whether it is registered or un-registered trademark, we investigate those behind the alleged infringement.

We obtain evidence through test or trap purchases, identify the key players and the scope of the infringing activity. Our evidence is collated and reported to our clients to allow them to make an informed decision on what action to take to enforce and protect their trade mark rights. Investigations are either conducted reactively as a result of a suspected infringement problem or pro-actively through our subsequent MarketWatchTM monitoring and investigation programmes.


Counterfeits are fake or copy products made with the intent to deceptively represent the original content or origins. The word counterfeit most frequently describes forgeries of currency or documents, but today almost every conceivable product has suffered at the hands of the counterfeiters and the global trade in counterfeit goods is booming, and it’s shifting from relatively innocuous items like shoes and handbags to things like medicine and pesticides that can carry serious health and safety implications. eccora has conducted anti-counterfeiting investigations into a wide range of counterfeits including luxury goods, apparel and accessories, media products, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, medical devices, vehicle parts, toys, food and beverages.

By 2015, the International Chamber of Commerce  expects the value of counterfeit goods globally to exceed $1.7 trillion. That’s over 2% of the world’s total current economic output. Most successful brands attract the attention of counterfeiters at some point during their lifetime and the impact of such abuse can be highly damaging: not only does it dilute legitimate sales, but without proper anti counterfeiting measures fake products can destroy customer confidence and drastically devalue the brand asset.

Rather naively, counterfeiting is still regarded by many as a victimless crime, but nothing could be further from the truth. Counterfeits are linked to organised crime and international terrorist groups, who use them as a lower risk means of raising funds than more traditional methods such as drugs, arms, extortion and vice.

We provide bespoke investigative solutions to assist in anti-counterfeiting programmes. Our techniques produce a comprehensive picture of the supply chain involved and identify those responsible. Through our own resources and local networks of associates we can assist with customs liaison and local law enforcement to allow for targeted action at source, rather than simply reacting to an isolated incident.

Our approach

With a mixture of fixed pricing and hourly billing, our various brand protection services provide a flexible approach while helping clients to retain control over budgeting.

We aim to work closely with our clients and provide a service that meets their needs.

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