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May 2020

Overcoming IP envy

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Overcoming IP envy

Have you ever come up with the perfect name for your product or service, only to see that the domain name and trade mark have already been registered? What’s worse it’s been registered by different people in different parts of the world, and they don’t seem to be using it much, if at all. The frustration at having to change a perfect name to something else is annoying, and could, in the end, lead to a loss of sales if the initial market placement has not been what was wanted. Rather than going through the process of creating another possible brand—a process that may cost money and still lead to a less-than-perfect name—there is an alternative: overcome your IP envy with eccora’s third party IP acquisition service.

Third party acquisitions, with the purchase done by a small unknown company can reduce purchase costs significantly. Often the intellectual property rights can be obtained for less cost than filing opposition or cancellation proceedings, and are easier and quicker to complete than litigation or UDRP claims. Using a third party also ensures a level of commercial secrecy, allowing for the safeguarding of marketing plans and brand protection in advance of product and brand launches.

eccora offers an acquisition service to anonymously secure trade marks, domain names or other Intellectual Property assets – and it does so internationally. As part of our end-to-end service we will discreetly approach the holder through one of our trading entities and negotiate to secure the asset at the best possible price and using a secure payment process. We work with your IP attorneys to ensure the transfer paperwork is done to the standard you need.

Add eccora to your IP strategy – see our available services for how we can help, and overcome your IP envy with eccora’s third party IP acquisition service.

Note for IP professionals: the acquisition process can also be used to acquire marks that can provide prior rights for a client’s challenged mark, negating opposition or cancellation proceedings.
Our network of trading companies can also be used on behalf of IP professionals as vehicles to register new IP rights, or to oppose marks on the grounds on non-use.