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April 2020

Investigations in the age of lockdown

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Like everyone else, we at eccora are getting used to the ‘new normal’ way of working. Much of our work continues as before, such as desk-based investigations and telephone approaches. Other work – test purchases from online sources or the use of our facilities to file third party marks – also continue. There may be delays if subject companies are completely shut, but we are using all available means of contact with target companies to ensure we can close the investigations in a timely fashion.

Some types of work are not possible. Until further notice we will not be able to make face-to-face visits to subjects or attend trade fairs or outlets.

International work continues and we have assets in numerous jurisdictions able to assist. Depending on the local restrictions in place, they may be able to undertake visits as part of the investigation.

With our best wishes to you, your family and colleagues – and please stay safe!